Tuesday, March 11, 2008

40 Days to Freedom!

Exactly 40 days from now, I would have finished my last exam in my undergrad career. I've been in school for a LONG time, and it's time for me to move on to the next stage in my life.

I'll be posting my progress in terms of my understanding of Canadian Corporate Tax and Business Combinations in weekly updates. From here on in, it's making EVERY SINGLE DAY COUNT. By planning in advance and harnessing all of the resources I have at my disposal in order to get the best possible mark considering my poor performance of midterms until I write my last exam.

This is to be a public record to hold myself accountable so I can follow through on this commitment of focus and determination to overcome this last hurdle before graduation.

I am both anxious and excited of the outcome of this challenge.

- Will


Adam White said...

What are your commitments be over the next 40 days?

How will you show us your commitment?

What does it mean to make EVERY SINGLE DAY COUNT?

One could argue that you are merely going to count the days between now and your last exam. Today is day 1, Tomorrow is day 2.

I'm interested in your journey - Give me more!!!

EnglishTillIDie said...

good luck with your exams... passing through after seeing your comments on loser 2 winner...

Will said...

hey, thanks for dropping by! I've moved GALVANIZD over to GALVANIZD.com! :)