Monday, February 18, 2008

Fitness Update #2 - Don't wish me to "break a leg"

Today was a painful experience. My long run is up to 10K's, but my shins gave out. The 'achilles heel' that led me to pull out after running 5K's in agony were ... my running shoes.

For every runner, the lowest common denominator and most important piece of equipment is a decent pair of technical running shoes. They take brunt and abuse of our running endeavours, so it would only make sense to check out whether your shoes have seen its days. I figure I had about two more months in them for running, but boy was I ever wrong. I had to get shin splints in order to numb the pain and decided to retire my Mizuno Wave Inspires. They've served me well, but I digress...

For all runners out there, dropping by a stores that focuses solely on running such as The Running Room is a great way to check out your options of what shoe is perfect for you. You can get a proper fitting of a decent pair of technical runners, to see what type of shoes were best for your foot type.

I eventually picked up a pair of Asics GT-2130's, which are supposedly the most popular running shoe in North America, but their cost was a bit of a turn off and since I'm on a budget, I'll be returning them to get an older model of an equally better if not superior running shoe. I found the Mizuno Wave Nirvana 2, their 2005 model on eBay for $55 USD, which is substantially cheaper, the only setback is the wait time, so I'll be doing some cross training to maintain my fitness level.

Keeping in check your running shoes or whatever fitness equipment that is crucial to your success should be taken into account as we often take them for granted and don't consider the consequences should they fail on us.

For now, it's back to the gym for me, while I'm patiently waiting for my shoes to arrive...

- Will

Here's the route I was supposed to take. I made it half way and had to take a streetcar for the trip back home. Next week, I'll be back at it, but until then.. cross training :)

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