Saturday, January 19, 2008


For a while I was mulling on trying to snatch a domain name that were either:


Or some combination thereof. I had logged onto in order to see what the bid process for would be... and got a response... $6000!!!

Crazy stuff eh? Considering I'm a very tight budget, and trying to stay within $20 a week - it hasn't been the smoothest of rides.

I realized today that a lot of startup web companies names have their domain names mispelled. For instance, or "" etc. As long as it SOUNDS fine, you're still good to go in terms of marketing, simplicity in a domain name and ease to remember.

So I give you..! Haha.. cost me about $10.45 after registering via, but this will definitely be something fun to learn from and re-embrace the inner computer nerd persona I shed years ago.

I'm definitely gonna have to tap Malcolm, Josh or Garmond in order to get some help in getting this thing up and running.. haa :)

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