Thursday, December 20, 2007

Day 1: Re-discovering my Personal Power

While I was overly eager in terms of starting up Tony's flagship program, Personal Power II, I had decided to go through the first few days of his program that I had access to before the official Personal Power II product arrived at my door in order to hit the ground running.

Today I had learned in the first day was along the lines of harnessing the power of decision. It is within us to take consistent action in order to make permanent, healthy and empowering changes in our lives. This is the antithesis to procrastination, the inability to take action whereby we find it to be more painful to take action than to sit around.

As Robbins tells us is that what ultimately keeps us from taking any meaningful action is fear: fear of failure, success, rejection, pain, the unknown or anything else you can imagine. There's nothing more crippling to have this emotion take control our lives and dictate the level of fulfillment.

Also, I had learned that Success leaves clues. It shouldn't be a surprise that people who are considered "successful" did end up that way because they were "lucky". They are that way because of a certain mindset or psychology. It is an unwavering belief in themselves that whatever they set out to achieve, they can attain and have a plan in order to reach those goals where they take action and follow through.

Having access to these people as "role models" would be the ideal situation that you would model yourself after. I've had role models before, but never in the context in improving my life all across the board.

Way before taking the program, I took it upon myself to surround myself with a positive social circle, all "go-getters" who share the qualities of integrity, substance, humility and constant hunger for growth and achievement. This falls in line with the saying, "birds of a feather, flock together".

From today's CD, I've learned that in order to attain any goal we set out on, we should never let it fall between the cracks without taking some sort of action towards its attainment. By taking that first step, we're able to build momentum.

As part of today's exercise, the two decisions I've made that I had been putting off that until I had made them NOW, would affect the trajectory of my life:

1. Follow through on the Personal Power II program and constantly journal my progress
2. Go to the gym/pool or at the very least have some sort of physical activity every day in order to give me the energy and vitality to take on life full on.

As for taking action, three simple things that I would do immediately that are consistent to my new actions were:

1. Get my gym bag and toiletries together to go to the gym/pool
2. Call to extend my online course

While seemingly insigificant, I have a feeling that I will have some major breakthroughs over the course of the next month or so. :)

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